Friday, March 17, 2017

Kit Kelen #437 - a doubt crept in

a doubt crept in

a slinking, sneaky, sexy thing
one couldn't take one's eyes off

we learned something then
I will give it that
we took that doubt as far as it went

yes you could call it obsession
perhaps that was when
we came off the rails

you know that fire can get out of hand

still that doubt
was bitter in truth

we entertained it
till we knew

it takes a tumble
sometimes to see

what didn't kill me
made me strong

and what wonders!
what advances!
all by virtue of a necessary adjustment
(so hindsight has shown)

fact up against fact
a neat little stack

it really was a better world
and then a certain uncertainty
a doubt crept in
and that doubt was a party animal!

so everything had to be re-examined
much of it failed the test
we went back to the fundamentals

there were days then
felt as if starting from scratch
we dusted off, picked up the pieces
like girl meets boy
how did we get here?

before long we were well on the way
isn't the wheel a wonderful thing!
but soon after that
and I bet you can guess
spoke broke
yes a doubt crept in

everything had been well sealed
it was all hermetic, hygenic
double glazed where we could afford

was it a fifth column?
sleeper cell?
still this doubt got in
it wreaked havoc
the whole of the project
was put at risk

it was the very fact in doubt
how could a thing stand on its feet then?
how could we go on?

yet it couldn't be argued
we had come this far
one had to credit that

there are some who have declared
they'll be ready to face it
the next time
some are building rocket ships
to export an incertitude
some would like to weight that fucker
over the deepest sea

but for myself, and just for me
next time a doubt creeps in
I'll make a point of cosying up
getting it comfortable
I'll lull it

I'll put that doubt under my pillow
and I'll sleep on it
that's what I'll do

then next morning
big in the yawn
even bigger in breakfast
I'll take a long long shower
dry myself by the most modern methods

I'll have a good look around after
to see if that doubt's crept out


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  2. Benefit of the doubt
    buys its own drinks but

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