Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 201 - Bullie for you

Bullie for you

soft centre   just the words   and the centre
of your tongue  sweats   up for the touch

yield    it doesn’t come enough  
browns off   slides away in gulps

withers at your glance  I only
yield  at intersections

somebody made to stop
mark time     missing out on some part

of the journey   I see you
have a taste for it    the countless

laps   all left hand turns  around
around around      I see you     around


  1. Dear Kerri, I love how this goes around and around... :)

  2. 'I only yield at intersections' and the 'around'- wonderful!

  3. Oh I love the intersections part! Great work.

  4. Love the meanderings - marking time, missing out, countless laps - seems like a strangely familiar circular journey. Enjoyed it very much!


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