Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 468 like a too warm coat on a day that turned out sunny ( for Lynn Reeves)

For Lynn Reeves

your boots  sit back against the fence     planted up
with sprays like fireworks   the flowers  of the
footpath    where I walk    my late afternoons  of
thinking  when the cabin fever closes in     views
expand  the world that touches me   on all sides

like a too warm coat  on a day that turned out sunny

shrink-wrapped  against travel      I see what there is
to see     head to toe      root to flower  the corms 
dropped along the roadside     at just this season    tell me
here is that idea again   and I am still moving    too fast
not yet    two feet forever planted   back at home


  1. cabin fever is world expanding
    (have you seen white christmas in black mirror?)


  2. unconfined
    your world
    you need
    no black mirror

  3. cabin fever's got no mercy
    in its pocket
    a picture of was

  4. and a whiff of will-be
    and all it
    just because


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