Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 471 the image of you in your undies made me laugh

you still know me   knew my peach tree   how we used every
trick invented to escape    our childhood duties   weeds
picked   for the pretty flowers    it’s been all day I’ve been in
these pyjamas     orbiting the back porch   one eye on
 the springtime   another on   what meteors impinge  on eye-sky

the image of you    in your undies     made me laugh

and it was all strung back together   on the one string
theory   the little candies  crunching on our  baby teeth
the I love you  the sweetheart    the next time   all the
sentimental   sixties    and still    I had to stop   and think
if it was left behind  or before me   yet to face


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