Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kit Kelen #905 - in the sensible world

in the sensible world

a possum climbs never knowing
how high the night
beside itself with dinner ants
and that's a kind of song too
or we must sing to say

glows with nothing numinous

it's all hello
and mean another thing by then
because we've come to know
or else

and often hear my footsteps after
as if I had been there

sunlight climbs such stairs
to tell
do you doubt the voice in us?
we who are to you as signs
we are to die

belief is a sort of self then
faith is finders keepers

the problem of being
and saying we are
meets thing
in of itself

knock on the stone
come in

I am at home in light
dream a way

a bird walks into the forest
I was always here
in places between
there's no way from
fly and you're of the air

in the sensible world
truth comes teaching
it's all edge tucked
moss is making its way

steam rises in its moment too
in and of a self

meet thing
in of
and action is taken
perhaps it is upon

and thing, meet mine
all friends, liege men
women too
we dance in the same light

nothing to be done here
a sign of life to see


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