Friday, June 22, 2018

Kit Kelen #904c - shortest day (poem with two endings)

shortest day
(poem with two endings)

stars so dim
the cloud sees through them

the darkest hour is right before
all ash and bone

who stopped in bed?
and who won't show?

the darkest hour is right before
stars so dim
cloud sees through

peer mist
let blinds stay shut

drip in the still
like the tip of a nose

pour out in a little smoke

so kettle on and fire to tend
struggle out and back

make clouds of yourself as you go
if about

so dim you won't be known
dark hours are starred through cloud before

better to keep cosy though
stay well ravelled

make steam
be in a chocolate simmer

gather ye carbs
and wallow me blubber

nibble for the rat you are

in the after rain
leaves drip

first ending

and here are the birds of
joy this dry age
to me an hour spilt

second ending

all daylight was
and night sponged up

ache is in
the weather come

stars so dim
the cloud sees through

heaven's fire is away with the devil
no intentions could pave a way out

the cave and the struggle doomed

nothing can shine our own lost star
sneaks through the fairytale woods
for a spell

we bury in it
later they'll exhume
the grim of musing

someone once made a religion of this
and someone had to sing to keep warm

there isn't any spring to come
that was a vicious lie

grows darker
until day's quite gone
bombs fall
we'll all be dust


  1. upon the
    short time
    look after yerself
    ya cunt
    don't fergit
    to write

  2. just when you thought the tone couldn't go lower


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