Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Kit Kelen #908 - notes towards anonymous

notes towards anonymous

little bird bounce
here's what's not said of all about
back again in bright and full colour
couple of wings feather for warm
gone as soon as cenotaph
I've never known quite you are
nor we yet the fallen
come out of the mulberry obsession
you see the big suppose
is yours the same as my any weather?
flew in one ear and out the other
glissando and
dance with
a mountain goes under the treetops
little bird's still here
we watch
we tuck you into the day
by lice as heir to
and see into your dark
for gone
till wonder
will I see you again?
little bird keeps bright with time
it's all around us here
thing like that dreamt
and tune to you my silence
all this as if it meant
I built this poem cage for you

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