Saturday, June 30, 2018

Kit Kelen #912 - rooster mechanics

rooster mechanics

all this that the shed
angles of tin
and smoke to stand in
half paddock already

last of the fixed stars grazing

who knows which kiss is death
a peck?

cluck this
chicks scatter
how's my comb?

have them in my head
a leap as if in flight

even a fire will teach patience
distance has a long way to come

a traipse I call it, don't you?

so many degrees
keep cranking
keep cranking

and don't you even touch

it's this way ladies
shy twice until

chicken or the egg?
you choose

from other fences far in rain
call as if kingdom too

there's some silence I won't be
that's between of breath

this sun is a problem we solve
all under heaven at work

a doodle-day
a doodle-doo
each acre subtly different

long winter's wish
by valley mapped

we'll all be in the soup

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