Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kit Kelen #887 - live in a forest

live in a forest

leaves drift down

never hear the tall ones drink
never hear what sun says

I live in a forest

it comes with clouds
with mould and lichen
there's every colour in it

the blue sets off
right round the stone
no one ever threw

or planets of a night
come silent
in their distance

inside the sky
under the stars
this is my address

I live in a forest
hear the rain
listen for the road
all in the after glisten

I live in a forest
admit that it is

I can think of many reasons
fear of fire
or wanting some
walls to hold up
and furniture
and instrument

the tree is after loved

with roof
you'll look out

live the forest
and let's say home
because we're here
and welcome all!
join us strangers

perhaps you'll find the forest fruits
and see what we can't

those who climb
most wordlessly
they make my day

consider every creature
mourn the ones now gone

leaf drift
and glisten in the after fall

lit just when sun says

here's where we let the moment in
it's with us all the day
and sleep on it
to dream your tree
then you'll admit
you live in a forest

with mists
and cow edge
chimney for winter

I think you know the song

and on account of being here
we owe the ones are gone

didn't you once plant a seed?
and all the years to here
your heart

that moon's for an example to us
and stars (no longer city seen)
they're as far back as you go
no one to wave to up there, not yet
seems like the forest is it for us
for every one round here

all the valley wakes to this wonder
of forest either side

don't you sometimes blink
it's still there
let's not blink till it's gone

live in a forest
still see the sky

ask when did the saw become a machine
that was really a help
and nails - how did they get into a gun?

it's day to day we do it
you won't notice all that's gone

the rain
the sunshine
we're collectors
and feed
a forest lives in us

little bird told me
I'm here to translate

and shiver me timbers
a river runs through
tide's rising
an Ark
and biblical too!

is it weather will blow this all away?
it's great swaggering dollar
with smoke
curse of growth

I came for beauty, quiet, calm
you can see how much trouble I am

it's like a religion I commit
to this love of here I am
and leave it better after

I live in a forest

a leaf falls
follow with your eyes
no need to be like that

I'll take my model from these trees
they know how to stand


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  2. sometimes I think you're Chopin, in leaves

  3. one of the decomposing composers
    (there's nothing much anyone can do)


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