Friday, June 8, 2018

Kit Kelen #890 - in my dream towards the shortest day

in my dream towards the shortest day

he's trying to sell me the supercomputer
as if we ran a bitcoin exchange
twenty grand
but why?

then I'm looking for best bathroom
up among the view
all a maze in-house
never twice the same

that's every place I've ever dreamt
that's the problem finding
every land was promised empty

look at them, look at them come

the luxury liner turns out to be cargo
or we can't find a way up in the decks

oceans across we puff

it's still this temperature out there
I'm an extra in the socialist pageant
and high in the quarry feel my fear of heights
Chinese in a way though understated
realism always is

that's when I call for the ladder can't come
but know I'll be warm if I imagine
cosy in the sack
and then I'm there

the two of them with me to pleasure
a lovely silence not minding each the other
it's cloth through best to rub
and here

this stuff's a thousand pounds a puff
jumps rivers
where's the word for that

the order of things is gone to me
all the corridors are missing
not just the stairs gone

and the last thing
too far

has to be the garden

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