Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kit Kelen #909 - the place in my dream is home

the place in my dream is home 

and dreaming
years of the night
come to me
weather stuck
as again
creek's run
here's a book of smoke

a home in this dream
where I've never been before

muddied boot
Lisbon subway
criminals we are
who travel in dreams
traffic in
all animal at it

there's never
how we got to here

but rain comes tapping
footsteps pass by

bird, leaf
matched at

whisker tin
rose smoke
bullock beside

here's my history cloud stuck
God bless where they've gone

it sobers

the dream is a vanishing
this is my home

hung up for power lines
tennis shoes flung

and through the dream
a trickle creek

stood mist
shadow lapped

in the fallen reflect

imagine if a road went by
cannot break our spell

here's a new day
worked to light
must build the fire again

alone in the naked dream
sometimes find voice
tucked in with under this

slept this far then why not on?

what's left

a glimmer
safe in our own light

wake not yet day
still warm from

go back go back
to another dream's light
for a season we'll come to yet

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  1. this ones a ripper. I love the tennis shoes the Lisbon subway..


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