Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 335 - Lines tend to circles

Lines tend to circles

we left  off running after cures   stuck
together  on the mountain  track  I thought

someone had the map  at one point it was
me  though later we agreed while laughing

through a chorus of happy birthday  it
was not   the most feasible memory     the bunch

of fives I think is what we all expected out of life   then
this   it does let me wonder   did the Long March

have a moment   after the mountain passes  when the
dead had spiralled off crevasse   between that  steppe

and fitting the window frames  in the caves
at Yana’an   choosing which grey coat   shade and who

was the guy who had to take the notes        talked

walked      until there was nothing  in their socks 
 but skin
 across the bones

 of all their stories  
 picked up on the road
 words  scattered 
 in the long grass 

 wind blown
 Bathurst burrs   the farmers friends   
 the schizo-affective disorders  

 someone else’s tale


  1. lines tend to circles
    we march off
    only to return
    bringing new tales

  2. across the bones of their stories
    the long grass knits its fires

  3. Ahh thank you Rob, no small thing at all.


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