Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kit Kelen #647 - in a fine mist

in a fine mist

come with me
fronded and furling

first rose whiff
of the half spring there

doorwebs greet me out
as if a spider's sky

moist as dark
as must have been
before a first eye saw

all stars
in a fine mist
day faded
lost now where

window is willing
leaves glisten still
greener for sheen
and wren is bluer too

this is the rain's remembering

upstairs sleep persists
all lovely out of focus
before the very fact

the school bus comes
the garbage goes

imagine an invading army
out of a forest of this

here we are
in a thin mist

reading the garden

as if a gong were yet to go
had to be recorded

let's go prospecting for some weather then
I'm lost to it
you're no one too
in a fine mist find me
we can conspire
the livelong day

let's swim for it
plonk first
you'll never get me back in the box

I stretch into a first thing mist
all aches dissolving there

let rain lay on
get this world covered

we paint till there's a result


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