Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 347 -Fodder


someone rewrites my history  he comes
at night  he works by daylight   near
afar            changes race  religion  bumps off
those I love            reinstates them
bumble-headed             accidents             someone
takes my painful days   repacked
into a bale of shredded wheat              as fodder
grazing cows 
 say moo  say uncle
see me bang  hand   fast as a feather
in the fine grain of your nitrate            film
nothing catches life
but me                my motion
rock            papers                        scissor
cuts  again


  1. Ah, those scissors - always come out on top.


  2. someone rewrites my history
    he gets a kick in the balls
    bumps down the road
    fine motion
    say moo


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