Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kit Kelen #649 - the presents still unwrapped

the presents still unwrapped

up the country

tree and another
each is a soul
to rise
to burn

here is a remedy of tunes
here's the chord before it catches

a moon not yet up
all the dark sings

not winter
but rain to play

the moss along
the lichen up
all feathers to the mulberry

am I the heartbeat heard?

even the land was bought
some days too much of it
and we're possessed
guns for fear

am I barefoot in it?
someone is listening

the dozy shed with its digging
how many rifles the cupboard?

somebody knows what it is we want

indoors is all this far and thus
books! of more than there is

bring me my quiverful of fences
and even sun's sunk

mourn for all I've eaten
mourn for all those I've yet to consume

collect my thoughts
o'erbrim the page
such centuries of me

as made the rose
as modified the loaf
all dying in this live-forever

too many skeletons scribbled down here
and too much dinner
should I bring that up?

imagine the work is let to breathe
passion consuming too

humble the home
with weather

more stars than ever you could name
and planeted, best part

I'm all collected here

more than there are numbers

all past cloud
over leaf
and all so far as known

it's as when you've dreamt too much
it all spins
when you'd like it still

you want to tug the ribbon
see what you've been given

too much roof
for this one sky

too many toys to play with
the presents are still unwrapped

the frogs of all night telling
enough to deafen a snake

how long is our Christmas?
a piece of string

too many paths tangle
and lose ourselves to making them

one truth
and another
we come

do you suppose there's a place
where there's too much time?

the one who knows how I wish
they are an empire now

writing where the words have gone
and where they've gone
we are

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