Monday, October 30, 2017

Kristen de Kline #163 Bumming with Ziggy

I slept with her
again last night

we screamed as we came
lit up as we crashed down

we wrote poems every day
on brown paper bags

eulogies on UB40 forms
etched love letters into our flesh

we howled like Ginsberg

nobody   was   listening

we screamed even louder

again last night
I slept with her

we came as we screamed
it was just as good as the first time

when I woke up
my leather jacket was gone

the Drum tobacco pouch, emptied out
she'd even ripped off the $2 lighter


  1. the throbbing of an exoheart
    is all that remains in the air
    behind me when she goes
    and a drowsy numbness
    like a beach at low tide
    tears at the ebb side
    dawn with seagulls I wake
    the wind has picked up
    some things missing


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