Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 345 - One time

One time

It’s time
to succumb
again            to that  knife edge
of pain             management and
forward motion              slender grey
as aliens               on the row
here on remand  we
the   waiting

take the knuckle-under
hard to heart      the sight of
ninja turtles                        guards
in full kit                         taking you out
counts me in

steadier than
the second hand
I used to see go


  1. let's go to see the second hand
    it won't take a minute
    it makes the old heart beat like new
    it let's you look at all that work
    as if you were just in it

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  3. the second hand
    is the fastest
    the others
    never catch up
    never stop


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