Monday, October 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #667 - Alcazar de Cordoba

Alcazar de Córdoba

the horse shit streets led here

in the gardens of a Sunday
come into walls for shade
slave made

blue of this vault re-fashioned each day
where kings make marble eyes at me

flowers are such care –
jasmine waft
and pines bent dreaming

I chase shade but the sun still has me
I'm all under a hat in among roses
and wilting as well

I am a slow trickle of tourist
by way of maidenhair in grottoes
come to Columbus begging

this new world sword glint, blood and gold
wasn't that great to get?

he doesn't know where he will go
but he spends his vision here

and everyone's Columbus now
all know as he surmised
though perhaps today the patience is lacking

some have thrown themselves into the picture

don't you know a king commanded this?
cats are a habit of place

all battlements above and arrow cross
where light's let

that whining sound
is Columbus begging

king and queen keep saying 'nup
India's the other way... any fool knows that'

come fish be quick
in your nowhere to swim
come pigeons dare to land

all we standing love a garden

chased out with a whistle by guards

it's the sound of water running
is best to heal the heart


  1. yes the fountain
    and the stream
    can heal the heart
    or the police can
    be there within minutes
    of discovering the body

  2. (P.S. I like this poem very much, Kit. It seems like 2 parallel poems. Wish I had eyes like a fly. The bigger font side I think stands on its own. Maybe the small font one too. How does each one read without support of the other?)


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