Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kit Kelen #666 - devil of a poem & #666a - inhabit an uncertainty

devil of a poem

it's come to this

and I think I know what made me do it
and who

the trouble's how to stop

inhabit an uncertainty

take a look around

I might or not
I won't gainsay

ditch the map
let garden grow

consider the ways
give paws

just walk
and pave a road to hell

go to it
you have to laugh

it's not lost to be where you are

deep in the forest of wishes and wants
and will your number come up?

straw short?

inhabit an uncertainty

do we not, each of us, come from such?
let every miracle of here be so
we must let be what is
or not

there's all the could be would be too

just take a moment like this leads on

in bells lost count
we live the strange time past the clock
closer to seasons so

I always dream who I can be
middle of the journey

thing to another
let me address you as such

look up a clear night
and see so far
that was all before us

and look again
do you recognise?

this is the place where you were born
all changed, changed utterly now


  1. the devil
    of this
    is you look
    too close
    too far
    and stop

  2. the place always underfoot, overhead, indoors a needle in the heart.


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