Thursday, June 15, 2017

James Walton #63 Surprised bravo by dawn

A rabbit sang outside my window
of the high plains
now chocolate with resowing
at first I thought this not possible

(the rabbit singing I mean)

but a rusty kettle will still boil
even while leaking
the jarrah bench top bronzing
unbuckled by non solar warmth

(the panes broken anyway)

motionless as a captive Durer etching
every muscle outlined
each hair an unruffled mystery
of scattered natural in-breeding

(the myxo eye a little off putting)

a song of ancient lands divided
of travels and pursuit
the piping squealing rising alone
into a wondering day edged open

(the moon in a sircee falling)

breaking kindling into warmth
misty valley stirring
words failed for timely response
the chance missed for encore

(quiet as the space between pulses).

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  1. let the leaking kettle boil
    let the rabbit sing


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