Friday, June 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #545 - ease into the day

ease into the day

with an eyes open stretch

won't that be like a birth
easy as water pours?

wake with a thirst
come kookaburra, call me

in bed, you were beside yourself
spill from the given page

last part of the night
comes to the story

then I am the truth to be told
all of the light is writing it down

just what the dark told
it's whom the rooster woke must tell

no one knows where it's from
no one knows where it goes

whole of this world is our gift every day
it's an anonymous donation

and every day it's another come
who will you tell, how to say?

each story comes to its effortless end
words easy as water pours

slide into the night
and you're equally home

just as with death
my brother to be

full of expecting
fond wishful

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