Friday, June 16, 2017

Kristen de Kline # 105 Jangled

Jangled (for Kerri Shying)

jangled     my astrologer said the day was going to be    
on edge     the planets are out of alignment  

The first text of the day:
unmedicated and volatile
deliver Vodka and     run     away

children dial triple zero     someone throws up

do they belong to me     the children hitting 000? the Vodka on the porch? the vomit?

Another text:
I wants to throw my arms up in the air walk out run away
you make me laugh you make me cry

detached limbs fly like Hitchcock's birds
hover over chrome corpses out the back of Lawless

a dead man with hollow bones and peppermint breath
extinguishes a cigarette in the palm of my hand throws his arms around me
cries out to Hunters and Collectors on the ghetto blaster:
I will squeeze the life out of you 
You will make me laugh and make me cry 
I don't flinch     don't     care     in dreams glasses
break houses burn     plates with blue and white willow patterns chase after me    
mosaic shards decorate my torso
china fragments blow me kisses, splintered

before it even started the day was jangled
under my skin     you got     under my skin  
stop bloody calling     No Caller ID - coward...
I'm not picking up     which part of that    
don't     you     get


bang on the wall
another pint from the sun
break another glass
scribble poems on serviettes
torch another building
order another pint
burn the house down


will you come for me at night-time
will you make me laugh and make me cry

and     laugh    and      cry     and

will you squeeze the life out of me
watch me as I sleep
raise me from the dead


which part of that
don't     you      get


  1. You were right on the money in your Queen of Lawless poem Kerri - an awful lot has happened in one short week - there are indeed a number of poems brewing away.


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