Monday, June 19, 2017

Kerri shying R # 265 - After the Queen

After the Queen

I have the key
 now sliding

 in the  metal bed
I’m back  from Lawless            whole 

I find
the soundless lounge

seems surreal

in pristine clean 
this is not

the land I left
my bedroom

 comes a cold sweat

I find nothing I find
one small dog sad

dressed in cable knit
confined to floor mat bed

too afraid to wag
those arses

I rage into the kitchen where
the shine  the gleam


in the slight striped habit
of a tea towel   what wells

in the drainer
lined up by taxonomic principle

conceived in Stepford heart
butt plug hummer rabbit

 oh my heart  this is

this is more than I can bear I am
this spirit    of lawless

I pick up the phone
it is time to

fight back            I say
I believe  there has been

an unlawful

 do come


  1. Trespass. Transgressive. Lawless.
    Wonderful poem, dear Kerri.

  2. Oh my heart / this is more than I can bear / the spirit of lawless lives on - we can't escape it. Fabulous poem :))


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