Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kit Kelen #542 - the last page

the last page

could be anywhere
it might fall out of the book
and float from a window
who knows where a leaf lands?

you could open the book
where a bird sings past sunset
and then the colours come
as a journey into the rug
you see the pages turn
top of the head is a sundial
bath beside
and skip

one worried the back cover was coming
but the blank page could be anywhere

it's for you to inscribe
it might be an insert –
a bookmark, like an old boarding pass
and you dozed off between zones

tired with the flight
but persevered
no harm to fall asleep

as the last word must come in edgewise
so sunlight falls through a garden
to show us the windows
through which winter is left

so we welcome
a new season
one has never been known before
from a last page
in the book

1 comment:

  1. we think we write
    on the last page
    and forgot there's
    a warehouse full
    of blank notebooks
    vying for your next poem
    and mine too I guess


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