Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kit Kelen #524 - pillow talk or intimations on arrival

pillow talk
intimations on arrival

it comes from the deep

place where perfection's never heard of

no one joins the dots

and all the years are with us here

our other worlds are all beside

sometimes we'll need hauling up
ladder let down at least

but it's lovely vista waking

let answers all present themselves
and questions – all are what to do

there was a war
or you couldn't kick the ball

we were falling and falling
by desert parched

sometimes we've come without a context
but anyway it goes

you're portable like me
it must be how we're here

met flesh and eye to ear
or sometimes sideways

we are folded in
and bloom to day

like hills
that time comes over

the turning so smooth
you'd never know

but if it stopped
you would

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