Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kristen de Kline #106 Little Hitler (on the run from the dog Nazis)

Little Hitler
drove me down to Lawless Road

instructed me to 'limit my presence' on Corporation Grounds
out of bounds zones     proliferating like poets with priors

cafes meeting rooms hallways offices car parks Ladies toilets cafes
I lied when I said it wasn't about the coffee

at Lawless out the back of the Industrial Estate I can      linger,
languish     kill time, engine idling     dumpster bins chrome car corpses

industrial waste     toxic skulls and cross bones   are they real or only
imagined     my poet buddy, Sarah, warned me once     the bureaucrats

always sniff us out     their Gestapo sweep electrifies our hiding
places     threats of indictable offences amplify white noise red tape

worm their way beneath our flesh     under
our skin     their edicts, hollow     threats, emptied

embalm us in policies procedures regulations     we retaliate with poems about flowers
in trash cans     high speed decoys    demolition by poetry stanza

by stanza    as the Toothless Tiger turns, slowly     a deathlier  shade of
beige     we return fire with anthems about God saving the Queen fascist regimes

Little Hitler     stutters
white noise red tape breaches of etiquette rules royalty red tape white noise

Little Hitler    circles
with cloth measuring cords    coiling around my torso     like some sort of rope python, slippery

with slime,  fresh from the new bureaucratic order    blitzed
in the wake of the revolution     that slowly


I watch flowers dance
in trash cans
punks poets
tumble down
sinners saints
cave in  

down in Lawless they whisper     never
show your hand keep your cards close to your    heart

down in Lawless
I’ll find the Troll they say     she’ll dig

me out     she'll save
the day


  1. and
    two little hitlers
    will fight it out till
    one little hitler
    does the other one's will ...

    1. And as I love teaching my students - wherever there is power, there is resistance (Foucault) - if that's the only thing they get from the course that's cool with me!

  2. Ha. She will save the day. But keep on running. It's lawless. Where worlds tumble down. We trust no one. We trust our hearts. Dear Kristen. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes indeed Rob the Troll (as Kerri named her!) at Lawless will save the day.

      As you say:
      We trust no one.
      We trust our hearts.

      Now that sounds like the beginning of another lawless poem. You want to run with that?

  3. As I said
    we trust no one
    we trust our hearts
    talking about my generation
    that is vaguely lawless
    hold the end of this
    power and resist

  4. It's a long way to the top of lawless road for H to rock and roll

    1. It sure is a long way to the top of Lawless James - and Lawless is indeed getting (almost) crowded these days with so many lawless poets circling the terrain. Join the crowd!


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