Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kit Kelen #56 (I think) - scribble in the tub (in Barcelona)

the writer's bath
the tub
(in Barcelona)

I can work here
whittle notions, tropes
and turns of tune
in blank slate space
in steam

shaped from the mania of ignorance
and fanciful displacement

familiarly known by possibility
and taking turns to speak and sing

lay out the scene
get drifting, wet

and know I gave myself the time
nothing better for the hip
than jazz
when twinkling at it

soak till the next idea
rise, turn, inscribe the stone
with words to simply last forever

something of the earth's still cooling
something of the sun to touch a little sea here

for monster me
the toy of day
that bathing
be my joy

I can work here
from one premise to a next
a journey into dampened bank
through nations and colour and night

open the balcony door
afternoon comes in
you'd thought it morning still
young chucklehead
be whiskers in the grey

rise now and don
the streets with epithet
and avocation

understand the day! 


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