Monday, February 29, 2016

29.2 #59 Uplifted by Myron Lysenko

a rose petal drifts off a drooping stem
the footbridge sinks into muddy waters
a twig falling in between three ghost gums
a magpie dies with a worm in its mouth

a joey sags in his dead mother’s  pouch
a tea bag dumped in the compost heap
my smile drags down at the gaps in my teeth
a full stomach hanging over my belt

a raven’s feather falling on the road
another piece of cliff adrift in the sea
a chicken’s egg falling down off the nest
a wet piece of grass on the mouse’s fur

a blackberry squashed on the dry footpath
arms in a jumper sagging from shoulders
my long cotton socks around my ankles
the elastic gone from my underpants

a cigarette doused in the empty glass
my brother sinks further into his grave
my dead sister’s bones collapse in cancer
traffic lights dropping red onto the tar

a sheet with a stain flapping in the breeze
the doctor’s sudden  fall in demeanour
an ingrown toenail for summer’s last day
an air balloon deflating in the pool

tree fern in the garden craving water
a family reunion where no-one comes
the best friends I’ve had now drifting away
the tired sun lifts darkness off the sky


  1. nice riff, an excess of the negative, I like it

  2. Thank you. I really enjoyed creating it.

  3. You need a bit of negative sometimes and this one just suited my mood today. Blue thumb of liking from me.


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