Monday, February 29, 2016

Kit Kelen - #59 Miró -- possible ending

possible ending

it takes some looking into
really though the work says
'see what happened to me –
decide on your colours
now is the time
(but you can always choose again)'

there are days you imagine
the animal come for it
in cloaks of some fraternity
tracks across the canvas map

smock of the job
and very occasionally
the body as soul's labyrinth
though even that's a seascape

etch with pencil
cause paper's to dig
and a smile might float away

my head is a clock
how's yours?

have you noticed the way clouds'll get stuck?
lead pencil makes the best bet
seraphim, cherubim, dryads to edge

mist comes in so many colours
today it is a flag
on masonite

shake cactus hands
with breast-head
you're a member of the board now

'the lark's wing and the diamond meadow'

cross the border and you invoke
'red of swallows
and the iridescent pink'
(his words)

a scratch at a tail
a pigment drift
some marks could be punctuation

with beachball breath

of course these are all instructions

words seeking for pure form at last
and lost to the quest

to make the map an accident
that's to do some truth

to scrub your brush
until it's dry
and let the canvas have it

invent paintball

in the end it's the juggling
decades pass
and still nothing is dropped

lines go where they will
they are the mind of its own
pass through zones of darkness and colour
darkness and colour and light

and between
drip, spray
everything but scratch
attend to functions as bodily
and when you spend time with a hero
have heroic thoughts 


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