Friday, February 26, 2016

Mark Roberts #26 Slide 25 The Shed Cats, Holmside. Lidster, Via Orange circa 1967

the shed cats

inside the shed it was always
cool and dark, the smell of sheep,
lanolin, and diesel.

the old blue tractor stood in the space
on the right, behind large doors
you had to lift and drag to open.

The wooden floor was so high
Tom could step across onto the tractor
- I always wanted to try but the space

was just a little too far for my
seven year old legs. On the ground,
near the front wheels of the tractor,

were a few dishes of warm milk,
splashed in from from the milking
buckets before they were taken

to the cool room.There would always
be kittens around the milk, half wild
they lived under the shed and lived

off the rats and mice
that took shelter there.
While there always

appeared to be a swarm of kittens
around the milk there were only
ever a few fully grown cats.

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