Saturday, February 27, 2016

27.2 (#57) I Took Offence by Myron Lysenko

My daughter asks why I look so sad.
I tell her somebody called me fat
and I took offence.
-          But you are fat, daddy.
-          Yes I’m fat but she was being cruel.
-          What does cruel mean?
-          It means she was trying to hurt me.
-          Did she bite you?
-          No.
-          Did she scratch you?
-          No.
-          She hurt me inside,
I said placing
my hand over my heart.

My daughter places her hand
over my hand.
-          Does your heart hurt, daddy?
-          Yes, I nod.
-          Is that why you took her fence,
so you could put it around you and keep her
out of your heart?

She climbs up onto my chair, gives me a hug

and starts to pat me on my back.
There’s a tear in her eye
but it’s stuck there, refusing to fall.

Myron Lysenko


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    1. Thank you, Robbie..Your words are making me think in a different way...


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