Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mark Roberts #27 Slide 26 Bogged. Nashdale, Via Orange circa 1969

Melting snow on the way to Nashdale and on a side
road Tom’s new HR becomes bogged when he moves
off the bitumen for a truck full of lambs. One back wheel
slides into a bog of melting snow and sandy soil

and the other back wheel slides into the mud
as the car slips to the left. The left wheel has sunk
to the axle. the right still has some grip but threatens
to spin the car around and further off the road.

The truck has long gone as we climb out of the car
and stand and look at it - listing to the left like a boat
taking on water. Tom gets back in and my father
and I stand in the mud  behind the left wheel and push

while the wheels spin and throws mud at us.  Mobile
phones are at least 20 years in the future so it is walk
for help or wait for help. Tom couldn't make up his mind
and we were still standing around when a tractor

comes up behind us. Tom knows the driver Charlie vaguely but
it is enough. Ropes are pulled from the boot and secured
to the front of the cart then tied off on the back of the tractor.
Dad and I stand back as Tom starts the engine

and the tractor chugs back to life. The rope pulls tight
and the engines both roar. Dad moves back behind
the car and pushs and suddenly it is out . Tom pulls
in behind Charlie and that is it. Everyone back in the car.

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