Thursday, February 25, 2016

Robert Verdon, #61, anima mundi, memento mori

I can’t make time.

I am a cat, at the sea-saucer
Of old coast trips.

I am the current in the undersea cable
Past the point of no return

I am Sydney in the distance
Like a Mordor chimney

I am the Bridge first glimpsed
From the Parramatta Road

I am the sea first born,
Wild with grief.

My clouds over Queanbeyan
Are grander through glass.

Lean, efficient as Flanders crosses,
My years march back. My excuses

Are kicked away like sandcastles
By the horse on the hard beach.


  1. I love love love this! Especially the first verse and the fifth... Also the last and the second...perhaps the third,fourth,sixth,seventh...

  2. Thanks Mikaela! It is based on a poem I wrote back in 1992 but never published.


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