Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kit Kelen #364.1 - just nudging 40 - for Efi

just nudging 40
December 29
at Markwell via Bulahdelah

for Efi

under a ceiling fan
next to a standing fan
(thanks to the sun for powering these)

out of the pool
and under the sprinkler
please keep dripping, tap

ouch feet
back in the pool
watch dragon flies
defy the fire ban

the view is all despondent trees
a khaki sulk of a sough
feet finding a water table

punka-wallahs are much wished for
to see them sweat is cooling

everyone here hopes for a breeze
for a storm
for a rain of hail
from icy heavens

damp towel overhead
in the shower
time for a not-quite-cold bath

everyone's their own fire risk today

you'd think the folly of our fuming
evident to all just now

hasn't this sun had praise enough?
and won't night ever fall?

next door the mad mowing begins
beware what you wish

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  1. thanks Kit - the sea breeze has failed us here in the Gong :(


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