Saturday, December 31, 2016

Red Cone (LF)#330-Thirty six missing

Thirty six missing
can I pretend for the sake of my ego
that I have not failed to post every day
can I say that I have sketched and painted
more than thirty six paintings not posted
which is true
she  boasted
is it my ego or am I competitive with myself
or with the whole wide world
day dreaming on...
where does it go
what is it anyway
what colour is it
what note does it shout
what is the flavour
the taste is in my mouth

blue agapanthus bloom in my garden


  1. I guess for some it's still November
    ... but I prefer October when Trump wasn't going to be president

  2. I could live in October for ever.
    It might be still November for me, however.


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