Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #364 return

return to the beginning
where the poems started
to the night in the hills
indigo and charcoal sky
washed pale in rain

we count from lightning to thunder
close, close

the fiddler plays Ashby’s jig
finds the rhythm

we share what we love, this moment,
watch the spiders in the garden 
their beaded webs
lean over the railing with our cups of tea

the space station propels behind the cloud
we caught the sight
swift across the sky 

a bat wing shudders

Venus bright


  1. yes the circle is coming round

    is it Venus or Mars so bright in the west till quite late of late?

  2. Twas Venus but a bit earlier in the night than when I posted having taken time to do some crafting and drafting. And I am physically where the project was first suggested to me so quite wonderful. The pattern.

  3. I realise through this project how much I look out for Venus!

  4. Oh beautiful. About the universe and intimacy at the same time.


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