Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rob Schackne #200 - Like A Wind-up Toy

Like A Wind-up Toy

Cold in winter
hot in summer
time mostly moves ahead
we are astounded
men are like this
women are like that
we are born
we live
we die
maybe we live again
like a wind-up toy
on a regular basis
we eat
we eat again
we look for love
we stay out of the rain
the wind is sharp
the blankets are warm
we sleep for many years
we buy new clothes
we wear the old clothes
our shoes walk on and off
the lights go off and on
like a wind-up toy


  1. you don't think yr being a little mechanistic here, Rob?

    1. Ha. Before I was a machine I was a bug. Feeling a bit better now. That's not so bad, is it?


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