Saturday, December 31, 2016

Nathanael O'Reilly #35 Sketchbook


For Celeste

a fish swims through
a black and white forest

a peacock with dice and cupcakes
in its tail glides across the page

three red wooden boats
ride waves on the ocean

a house-cat with cheetah fur
eats raw meat guiltily 

a robot named X100
waves her arms, yells disco party!

a golden retriever sits on a blanket 
watching the sun set over the sea

a new breed of brown butterfly 
is christened Anmoreyetia

a headless torso with footless legs
sits in the middle of the page

a large-eyed pretty Cyclops girl
stares down the viewer

a teddy bear with Wookie fur
looks forlornly to stage right

a Midnight Ball Princess exhibits
her braid for the viewer's admiration 

cursive scrawled across two pages
proclaims B o r e d !

a brown fluffy cat sits atop
a compound word - Mousefur 

a faceless girl sits on a bench
beside a snowman beneath a tree


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