Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #51 - falling

yeah she's probably lived
     her nine lives
it doesn't mean she's ready

tell me     it's not so

falling between
smoky rooms at the Palace Hotel
my right arm's hanging over
     a half-crazy girl
her name I don't remember
     her kisses I can't forget

between the ashes of long sleepless nights
our bodies twisted and turned
we were falling between
smoky rooms
     half crazy girls
          blizzards of ice
I'd done a runner by daybreak
was I afraid?
        in love?

at first light I saw a black hole sun
a man falling to earth
bursting out of the purple rain
another runner, another smoky hotel
      were you afraid in love afraid
are black holes as dark
   as they paint them?
you can hear him singing:
do you want it darker?

tell me  
she's not hanging by a thread
twisting to black
turning to white
tell me I can kiss her lips
before they turn blue
tell me
about the tenth life




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