Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Pigeon Perception of Time by Emma McKervey #13

The pigeon perception of time

Perception of time is markedly different for the pigeon when compared to humans:
pigeons prefer to assess the world in complex logarithms, the approach of a car
is slow motion to their idle pecking on the tar, and their launch to safety occurs
only at the most precipitous second – precipitous that is to the human
and not to the pigeon sophisticate of speed.  It could be vaguely amusing to
describe the contrast in these analogical terms – for the human
to watch a zoetrope revolving what they will see is a flickering animation,
for the pigeon this same show would be one of leisurely slides, a stroll
through a gallery of barely varying prints, a ramble through the art so gradual
the narrative is lost. Perhaps I am a pigeon to your human old man
since you have been struck down with elf shot, since every move became impossibly slow,
since thought began to drag its way from beneath the surface of the peaty black lake
until breaking free in small bursts of mumbles, and here I am determined not to be dazzled
 in the headlights, believing I can always move away in time.

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