Friday, March 23, 2018

James Walton #92 My internet is intermittent

Half a picture loads
as though 1969 won’t let go.
The grainy of a July winter’s day
ball bearings roll a school corridor.
Smaller steps slipping,
that masquerade of orange
clinging to old photos.
Peel away the valleys
earth beats a seethe.
But you choose to live there,
is the technical advice.
Buzz Aldrin waves in fly by,
for a while
everything is clear.


  1. Wow! That intermittent internet is a stunner - pausing on 1969, grainy, orange-tinted - love it!

  2. Yes, "for a while/everything is clear". After that we might as well all be astronauts! :)

  3. "But you chose to live there"... the well-picked words of all bureaucrats as they file you, under NO.


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