Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kit Kelen #803 - as in

as in

a bird walks up a tree
winter is in it already
as in the ache to light
in after rain
as high as anyone can land
as in a cloud's touch only tells
a spin in the limbs
finds flower
hear hearth crackle home
be spoken of by wordless ones
as in their wings you know
and dip dive
how once upon a sun
and pious silence ants work
a riot of the worms
as in easy does it
time to touch
come to the echo
because we are
and more than rumour
limber with as in
where we are then
dark of dream
we delve
to live
the last light
finds us there

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  1. A stunner of a poem - I won't be using the last line but can't go past your 'a spin in the limbs' - love it!


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