Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kristen de Kline #181 The last mile

a million miles
home   you don’t
know where it
your bung knee, begins
ache,  those molar teeth
a handful of Oxy
an ugly blue knee-support
a chattering bar room

the hungry jukebox
home   you don't
know     what it does to me
how it eats gold coins
spits them out     spins
them round      through
a blizzard of smoke
a million miles     away
it's been hard
kisses,     dreams,   
it's been lonely

things are
always better
where does it
end   this track


a     million     miles 
you,   this poem,   me
home,    the last mile
do we ever get there


  1. the hungry jukebox would be a good name for a highway diner

    1. Yes indeed Kit:) it does sound like something out of a Jim Jarmusch novel.

    2. Sorry Kit - I meant a JJ movie - not novel.


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