Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 428 - To my gastroenterologist

To my gastroenterologist

this stomach   a fist
of  known dimensions   not
size 3 to 5    size
7 to 10   the hot thing

online    sock start-ups
do I want a year’s supply of socks
in one box 
sent to me  now now

this stomach    a glove
five fingers  each a wrong turn
in what ought    simply
be a tube

send the socks
the bands
the replica of worms

vibe me up    to finish
what I started
when I bit    this off
and chewed


  1. do gastroenterologists read poetry?

    (new title)

    1. hahaha I'll take that! My immunologist is the brother of a well known poet so I know he does....

  2. and

    vibe me up

    could replace rage
    (good program name)


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