Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kit Kelen #807 - the fan all night

the fan all night

with punkah sped

mango sticky
from the the fridge

a train
and blizzard wind

tunnel and the chase
of paparazzi

cobweb blow
till jetlag storm

and ship at light
this breath

the sea beat
sails with filled

round round
a roulette Russian

poison spies with ill wind
poms make sunset chum

walla, spit and lick
dry three sheets to

goes and comes around
the gale of life is tinny to us

Bob's your uncle - wave!
so more Britannia foam

squeeze notes from a box
a pound a puff

hash here - no weatherman
but which way?

in the dark
you wouldn't know

marauding nomad vector

wake and lapse
to dream again

a sound of blinds
go up

then sunshine's where
we heard the rain

and summer's
true to blue

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