Monday, March 19, 2018

Kit Kelen #808 - patch of wonders (first crack at)

patch of wonders
first crack at

then redbill at the border twitch
vanish in the hour

last sun of it
should there be water, sit

cup hands
round tin in tank

in the forest lost of words
loose leafed

of course there is a rise of ants
days telling out the rain

still swim
and tree is half the view

all a stretch to begin
in this skin

a week of weather comes to us
we learn the legends now

these next extents of cave
are my indoors

in wisdom of all ages lined
and halfway here by luck

by luck alone
(the comic opera)

I acknowledge a sadness to the tree
this will to all the world

as if the winter were a fire
past where the river ran

come to a rise
hills sweep away

to be here as I am
watchful and minded

well past the not-yet
pond for wingflit

all ilk of creature come
visible, not

as in wallaby watching
the walkers fluff a tail

in all the dream-divided
yoga-ended day

it's Sunday still
with afternoon

and the great heat sinking

in praise of primitive systems
circle not quite

but I improve myself with turning
and fare the way just here

even life was too perfect for us
so now we know

it's time to start
catching the sky

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