Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kit Kelen #802 - aubade


as for the firstness
I think it had a stale shoes smell
or it might have been earth

rain so far it fell as sweat

you'll recognize the ache as day
it's lit to edge

and sometimes stands in stockinged feet
as if another age

spell cast
could otherwise be yet

it lasts till we dissolve in it

keep the fast and the firstness lasts
roll like a ball along

all before the music
but one bird sings to find
and so a chorus comes

some trumpet for a date, a time

come like planets through this
do you think we'll fit into the day?

no rooster ever told so far

keep under a skin, still kissed

then the leaves come all alight
so see how far we are

the firstness was a garden
and sprinkled dust of stars

it lasts till we dissolve in it
has to have been dreamt after

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