Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kristen de Kline #180 Hanging upside down (thanks to K.S)

I left at dawn
stealing the night
your lines:
tin sky and stars,
upside   down

I left again   at dusk
the airbrushed skies
bleeding tears across
your carved out heart
I carried it close
to my own
in a hessian bag
ink-stamped with a red dingo
a bag, I’d never own

The next day, it was slowly
melting,    the ice
I had no idea
what time it was
that crazy son of a bitch
she’d chased me
every inch
on that last mile home

I was writing sonnets
when you caught up with me
in a strange language
we could not understand
something about a tin sky
and fugitive stars




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  2. Dear Kristen
    I love this the
    fugitive stars
    hanging upside down
    in a tin sky
    a bat I never knew
    was writing a poem

    1. Dear Rob,
      what can I say?

      ... more fugitive stars
      falling out of the tin sky
      a bat I never knew
      writing another upside down poem
      I longed to steal ...

  3. That's the gir! Get on with this like Batfink said to karate...


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