Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kit Kelen #804 - living the dream

living the dream

for mother


locked in

a kiss
what's that?
don't touch

in a waltz one loses cheek
to river run beside blue

a kiss is a kind of stealing
like yesterday once more

kind of trance
to think of me
are the Scots all sleeping?
they were ancestors too

but it's now right now
I see it
fancy to meet

dinner comes and goes

that one's mad
it's like being there

something broke on my heart
in this picture
they are when we were
when is he home tonight?

pearl fishers
what will they find?
can you tell?

I roll away into a ball
roll a ball into
roll into away

give the sentence test

tomorrow is a bird to tell
spend some paint on the thing

I'll whisper it to you

brutal knowledge
like pictures against each other

not me
we're still in socks

you can be still too

you go into a thing
I call it
you must know

we've had to have been


I am away here floating

I ache
and I forget
I ache

once deep of when
like a poem sprung

clear ground
and the kookas come

thank you for spelling it all

cadence or cadenza?

and no again
that's what you say
can't imagine

you're looking right at me now

it's away

I think it's the teddy bears' birthday today
shhh I'm listening

gone where?

you're stuck on a thing
the river's rife

clouds are out of the window

everything sung
is home

can't you see I'm gone
I had a question

we drive off into beautiful weather
where are the strip maps?

I see you
why are you looking at?

I'm here
think the fairies are away

keep them in a fold
night folded
day is crumpled up

it's self fulfilling

sometimes a studied pattern

and no again
that's what you say

can't imagine

you're looking at me now

like I'm faded in a chord

keep the head open
and full steam ahead

someone can guess the code

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