Monday, August 6, 2018

Clark Gormley #7 Attack on Australian Soil

it’s the one thing
we won’t stand for
it rocks our very foundation

it’s the one thing
we won’t stand for
but we will stand on it

actually we have to
we’re in the soup

OK, it’s not the best
in the world
we admit that

all the more reason
to wonder
why pick on ours?

what about New Zealand
or Bangladesh
with their rich alluvial plains

most of ours is barren desert
volcanoes are long gone
useless dirt for the most part

have we done something
to deserve this?
we just keep to ourselves

we never diss Saudi soil
for example
sand more like it

good for nothing really
but did we tell them
to their faces? hell no!

she’s the oldest continent
on the planet
show some respect

1 comment:

  1. And the old snakes say
    don’t tread on me you bastards
    watch where you’re stepping


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